Are You Overworked and Overwhelmed?
Struggling to Get Everything Done?
Too Many Distractions, Emails, and Interruptions?

Do you have any of these challenges?

Having trouble focusing on your top priorities, because you have way too many distractions and interruptions bogging you down?
Struggling to achieve work life balance – to have a successful career and business and yet have time for friends, family and relaxation?
You keep checking your email every 5 minutes, and it's distracting you from getting anything done?
Your to-do list keeps growing and growing, you can't keep up and
you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
You procrastinate and put off starting on the projects that really matter to you? And then - you have trouble getting tasks finished?
You weren't 100% productive at work today, and perhaps your productivity level wasn't even 50%...

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then...

Our ‘Dream Team’ of 12 Time Experts Will
Show You How to Master Your Time

Mike Song

Author, "The Hamster Revolution" and one of America's leading experts on email efficiency

Philip Zimbardo

Author, "The Time Paradox" and Legendary Stanford Psychology Professor

Rich Schefren

Founder, Strategic Profits; Business Coach behind numerous high-profile Internet businesses

Maria Gracia
Founder of "Get Organized Now!" and Author of "Finally Organized, Finally Free"

Genpo Roshi
Zen Master and Founder
of the Big Mind practice and the Kanzeon Zen Center

Dr. Jim Loehr
Renowned performance psychologist, Author of "Power of Full Engagement"

Dr. Neil Fiore

Author of "The Now Habit",
the bestselling book on procrastination

Stewart Friedman

Author of "Total Leadership" and faculty member at Wharton Business School

Andrea J. Lee

Well-known trainer of coaches and Author of "Multiple Streams of Coaching Income"

Bill Baren
Founder of Bill Baren Coaching, has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to success and prosperity

Jeff Davidson
Author of 24 books for busy profesionals, e.g. "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Stress"

Marcia Wieder
America's Dream Coach has shared secrets of a "passion-filled life" with millions on Oprah and The Today Show


Satyen Raja

BONUS: Satyen Raja
President and founder of
WarriorSage, one of the
leading spiritual growth
organizations in the world


Experts have been featured in:
Media List


Get The
Time Mastery Program

From: Bill Baren
Location: Pacifica, CA

Dear friend,

     I'm actually surprised at the tremendous response we've gotten to the Time Mastery Program. Frustrations about time management and productivity have struck a deep nerve with people, with a deep need being expressed. Thousands of people have signed up for the free teleseminar broadcasts.

     I've been blown away by the comments on our blog, such as

"My greatest challenge with time management is fitting everything that I want to do in each week... The day just isn’t long enough. When things only get 80% done each day I end up having a pile up at the end of the week and I’m stuck working on the weekend, missing out on opportunities, or just not getting my “me” time in. It leads me to be unhappy with my business and my life."

     You've told me that you want to learn how to get more done in less time AND with less stress.

     And you want to learn how to escape all of the distraction and interruption that's sucking away your energy and focus.

     Let's face it, for most people, it's not the cost of this program that's a barrier, it's the time investment.

     I promise that with the Time Mastery Program - and with the caliber of our guest experts - you will have results. And a very positive return on your time investment.

     I’ve created the Time Mastery Program to make sure you get your biggest time challenge handled. And I'm committed to you achieving a breakthrough with time.

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The Wisdom of 12 World Class Time Experts -
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     I invite you to join us for the Time Mastery Program, featuring interviews with 12 of the most popular thought leaders and brilliant minds in the field of time management and productivity.

     Whatever time issue you're struggling with - procrastination, lack of focus, too much work - these "time experts" will examine the causes of unproductive behavior – and share ways that you can harness the power of time management to achieve productivity breakthroughs in your live and in your business.

     These experts will show you practical steps you can take immediately to be more in control of your time, more productive, and have more joy and fulfillment in your life. 

    This diverse and highly acclaimed group of brilliant minds and thought leaders have made countless appearances in many of the top best-known newspapers, magazines, and TV programs in the US.

     Are You Ready to Invest Just a Few Hours Into
Being More Productive
For the Rest of Your Life?

     Just a few hours of listening to these experts could have a huge impact on your productivity and your life. It only takes learning one key technique or practice for you to have a major breakthrough on your biggest time management challenge.

Get more done and get organized...
Make work faster, easier and more fun...
Eliminate distraction and procrastination...

Here are The Time Mastery Skills and Insights You
Will Gain From Our 12 Time Experts

     I have asked these experts to share the "cream-of-the-crop" practices and insights, which have taken years of research and real life testing and implementation to develop.

Manage Your Email Before It Manages You

Mike Song

Mike SongIs email taking more and more of your time, and you're having trouble being productive? And you're overloaded with so much email that you can never respond to or deal with all of it? Then listen to this interview...

Mike Song will provide you with actions and methods you can use right away to eliminate needless emails, be in control of your inbox - and get your life back!

Mike Song is co-author of "The Hamster Revolution: How to Manage Your Email Before It Manages You" and is one of America's leading experts on email efficiency and etiquette. A sought-after corporate trainer and passionate keynote speaker, Mike has helped over 1 million professionals take back their lives by managing email more effectively. His presentations are fun, interactive, and behavior-changing. Mike's clients include Novartis, GE, McDonalds, Mercedes Benz, Clear Channel, and P&G. Media appearances include: CNN, Good Morning America CNBC, NPR, USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and many more.


The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life

Philip Zimbardo

Philip ZimbardoPhilip Zimbardo is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University, where he has taught the most popular undergraduate course since 1968. A legendary thought leader in the field of social psychology, Zimbardo is widely known for the Stanford Prisoner Study and books such as "The Lucifer Effect."

Zimbardo's brand new book "The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life" is the result of two decades of research, and he provides compelling insight into how we use the irreplaceable resource of time for success, better health and greater fulfillment. This will be one of the first opportunities to hear the brilliant insights from the book direct from the author.

The most important secret for you to take your time management to the next level might just be understanding how you THINK about time.


Time Management Secrets of a Highly Successful Entrepreneur

Rich Schefren

Rich SchefrenWorking as both an Internet marketer and a consultant to Internet marketers has enabled Rich Schefren to identify the key challenges that those who wish to market online face. Importantly, he discovered that it may not be the marketing itself that causes Internet businesses to fail. His insightful Internet business reports have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people.

In this exclusive teleseminar interview, Rich will share cutting-edge management practices - used to build multi-million dollar businesses - that he has rarely shared elsewhere.

Rich currently coaches many of today’s most well known and most respected top Internet business "gurus" and service providers on streamlining their businesses while growing their profits. He has partnered with Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Stephen Pierce, Yanik Silver, and Alex Mandossian.

If you haven’t discovered Rich’s real world business building strategies, there's a good chance you are working way too hard in your business, yet only making a fraction of the income you should.


Dealing with Information Overload

Jeff Davidson

Jeff DavidsonMost people can handle working longer hours; it's everything else competing for your attention that leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Learn to overcome overwhelm and information overload with Jeff Davidson.

Jeff Davidson offers time and stress management techniques that most people have never considered and innovative methods for daily effectiveness that anyone can master.

Also, you will learn Jeff's time management secrets for having the time to write 24 popular books for the busy professional, including “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Your Time,” “The Joy of Simple Living” and “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Stress” a step-by-step guide is for anyone who has ever said, "I'm so stressed out!"

Jeff will motivate you to take what you’ve learned right back to your office or your home and put it into practice.


How to Get Organized Now!

Maria Gracia

Maria GraciaMaria Gracia, founder of Get Organized Now!™, specializes in helping people get better organized to live the kind of stress-free life they've always dreamed of.

Maria's Get Organized Now! web site is currently visited by nearly a million people per year, and her Get Organized Now! newsletter is delivered to over 181,999 subscribers worldwide.

Specializing in peak time and space management, Maria has over 15 years of organizational experience. Her broad range of skills covers clutter control, planning, scheduling, peak productivity, records management, space planning, time and paper management, filing systems and computer oriented organizational systems and more.

Maria is the author of "Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home" and "Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Office."

Maria will provide you with essential organizing tips that you can put it into practice immediately, at both your office and your home.


Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life

Stewart Friedman

Stewart FriedmanStew Friedman is the founder of Total Leadership. He is an innovator in both the leadership development and work/life fields. A faculty member at the Wharton School since 1984, in 1991 he founded both the Wharton Leadership Programs and the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project. He created the Total Leadership program in the late ’90s while he was a senior executive at Ford Motor, where he was responsible for leadership development worldwide. Stew has consulted with a wide range of organizations and executives, including Jack Welch and Vice President Al Gore.

His most recent book, “Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life” from Harvard Business Press, provides a game-changing blueprint for how to perform well as a leader - and debunks the myth of work-life balance. If you are struggling with work-life balance, Stew Friedman can provide breakthrough knowledge.


Energy, not Time, is the Fundamental Currency of High Performance in Business

with Dr. Jim Loehr

Dr. Jim LoehrDr. Jim Loehr is a world-renowned performance psychologist, and has worked with hundreds of world-class performers from the arenas of sport, business, medicine, and law enforcement including Fortune 100 executives; golfer Mark O'Meara; tennis players Jim Courier, and Monica Seles; and Olympic gold medal speed skater Dan Jansen.

Dr. Loehr author of "The Power of Story: Rewrite Your Destiny in Business and in Life" and co-author of the national bestseller "The Power of Full Engagement - Managing Energy, not Time, is the key to High Performance and Personal Renewal." Dr. Loehr appeared on Oprah, NBC's Today Show, ABC's Nightline with Ted Koppel, The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and CBS Morning News. Dr. Loehr's work has been chronicled in leading national publications including the Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Newsweek, Time, US News and World Report, Success, Fast Company, and Omni.


How to Stop Procrastinating... Today!

with Dr. Neil Fiore

Dr. Neil FioreNeil Fiore, Ph.D., is a widely acknowledged psychologist, lecturer, and bestselling author in the field of optimal performance and personal productivity, and has served as a consultant to many corporations and health and educational institutions.

Dr. Fiore is the author of the bestselling book "The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination", which is also the bestselling book on procrastination on Amazon. This book offers a comprehensive strategy to overcome the causes of procrastination and to eliminate its harmful effects. His techniques will help any busy person get more things done more quickly, without the anxiety and stress brought on by failure to meet the workplace's pressing deadlines.

Dr. Fiore has published professional articles in numerous journals, including The New England Journal of Medicine, and continues to contribute to popular magazines like Psychology Today, Fitness, Elle, and Entrepreneur. And in his book "Awaken Your Strongest Self", Dr. Fiore guides you on an empowering journey of discovery - a journey to your Strongest Self.


The Art of Time Mastery

with Andrea J. Lee

Andrea J. LeeAndrea J. Lee is an award-winning author, coach, consultant and online business manager to entrepreneurs on five continents.
A thought-leader in the field of personal and business coaching, she builds and manages among the most innovative coach training organizations in the world and specializes in consulting to helping businesses of all kinds. Andree Lee has helped businesses around the world reach six and seven figure financial success while creating lives rich with meaning and laughter.

She is the author of “Multiple Streams of Coaching Income”, "Money Meaning and Beyond" and “Pink Spoon Marketing."


Time: A Zen Buddhist Master's Way

with Genpo Roshi

Genpo RoshiThink about Time in a very different way - with the guidance of a Zen Master.

Genpo Roshi is a man who has accomplished over 35 years of Zen meditation practice, a man who’s a certified Zen Master. He’s also been a champion athlete, and is a devoted husband and father, a successful businessperson, and the respected author of five books. He is the creator of the Big Mind•Big Heart practice, and is the Founder and Abbot of Kanzeon Zen Center and Kanzeon Sangha International. His whole adult life has been dedicated to raising consciousness.


Dream Big: Create Your Future Now

with Marcia Wieder

Marcia WiederDon’t have enough time to make your dreams come true? America’s Dream Coach will show you what you can do about it.

In addition to being a charismatic speaker, she's the renowned author of four books dedicated to achieving your dreams, including "Making Your Dreams Come True", which has also been translated into numerous languages. She's also a syndicated columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle, in which she urges readers to take "The Great Dream Challenge"- a call to arms for dreamers from all walks of life.

Appearing several times on Oprah and The Today Show, she's shared her message of a "passion-filled life" with millions of viewers. Equally exciting, was the PBS featured national television special, Making Your Dreams Come True, named after her popular selling book.

"Passion is your greatest time management tool” - Marcia Wieder


The Unanswered Questions of Being Productive

with Bill Baren

Bill BarenIn this special session, Bill Baren will attempt to answer the major questions you have about time management and productivity that weren’t answered by the previous 11 experts!

Bill Baren is a life-long entrepreneur, a transformational business coach and a time management expert. He is the founder of Bill Baren Coaching and has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to success and prosperity. His approach is to seamlessly integrate the logical and tangible with the creative and intuitive.

Bill has experience running a $10 million company, managing a large sales staff and owning an innovative music company. He is the outgoing president of San Francisco Coaches Association and is featured on the Fine Living Networks' "What's Your Time Worth" TV show.

Bill is the Executive Producer of the Time Mastery Program, a program to help entrepreneurs and business professionals overcome their top Time Management challenges. He has spent the past 6 months bringing together the top experts in Time Management and intensively researching the top productivity practices that have taken decades to develop.


BONUS: Time Mastery: The Warrior Sage Perspective

with Satyen Raja

Satyen Raja In this bonus session, Bill Baren speaks with Satyen Raja, the President and founder of WarriorSage, a leading spiritual growth organization.

When we are able to be fully present and engaged with what moves our lives and businesses towards our desired destination, magic happens:

  • We feel alive

  • We create unimaginable prosperity

  • We feel open to possibility

  • Even effort feels effortless

“There is one person that embodies this way of being more than anybody I have ever experienced. He has been my teacher for a few years and my own life, awareness, and business has shifted as a result of what I have learned and experienced from him.” ~ Bill Baren

Satyen’s intention is to offer you what really works in Real Time. It is your choice to wake up into what is possible. Your birthright is prosperity and ecstasy, but because the world has become so convoluted, you have to claim it through intention, choice, action and practice.

In this special teleseminar, Satyen Raja cuts to the heart of how to powerful align your time, passion and purpose in life.

This teleseminar may be just the wake-up call you are needing to become a master of your time, instead of time controlling you.


Click here to get the Time Mastery Program

Read What Other Customers Are Saying
(Success Stories From the Time Mastery Program)

     The following testimonials were from emails of people whose lives were changed after listening to the Time Experts teleseminars and putting the information into practice.

     Over 4,000 people listened to the teleseminars when they were broadcasted in 2008.

     (Note: You can skip to the bottom if you get tired of reading the customer success stories, there are quite a few of them.)

“Bill, your teleseminars are blowing my mind!!”

Jeanette MawI've never picked up so much life-changing information in such a short period of time.

Specifically, Jeff's "30 minute sanctuary" advice as well as just "do one thing at a time" is literally transforming my days.

I'm not just getting more done, I'm also enjoying the process more.

Every single one of my clients has heard me raving about something I learned from your program - so the ripple continues. Thanks for the great work you're doing!

Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coaching

“The seminars have helped me take the first steps towards 'taking back' my time and adding back quality of life to this time.”

In a larger sense, I’m looking at day-to-day tasks and seeing if these align with my larger goals and values of how I want to spend my time. It can be easy for me to get caught up in crossing tasks off the list, but as a result it can seem like I never “have time” to take steps progressing towards these long-term goals.

I’ve started scheduling in “big picture” meetings for myself where I set aside 30 minutes to an hour on a regular basis to work on these without distractions.

My boss and I have also set up a regularly scheduled off-site meeting for one afternoon every other month for brainstorming and reflecting on goals and next steps for our work.

My time management goal is a day I can say that I truly spend my finite 24 hours a day in a way that is productive, engaging, and fully satisfying with my intentions for how I want to live my life.

Megan Keane

“I learned quite a bit from this teleseminar and I’ve already started acting on it.”

Rebecca Jones1. I unsubscribed from quite a few different newsletters and changed what I could to an RSS feeder so I can go and read it when I have the time.

2. I changed my email check time from 5min to 45min. I also turned off the notification on my phone so I can go in and check my mail but my phone won’t constantly be vibrating.

3. I started sending less email and tried thanking people at the start and when I did that they were fine with that!

Thanks again for the great call. Just a few little changes in what I was doing have already made a difference in my productivity.

Best part, my clients don't mind whether I take 5 min or 45 min to respond.

Thanks again,
Rebecca Jones

“I have always hated to do lists and they feel like soul thieves to me.”

I have been starting and stopping a writing project that is very emotionally rewarding to me and I long to invest more time in.

The awareness of self worth issues and procrastination and the breathing and bringing the mind into the now moment were cathartic for me.

In those few minutes I became centered and very very excited about continuing my hero's adventures with no internal resistance only fun.

As I write this I realize that my advice to my now teenage daughter when facing hours of homework was to just do 20 minutes, set the timer and then have some ice cream. When the timer would go off invariably she would say give me another 30 and then I will be ready for ice cream.


“I thoroughly enjoyed Neil Fiore's session today on the psychology of procrastination!”

Amy MiyamotoI have been studying the impact of emotional fear for almost three years. And although I have learned many life-changing skills, I was delighted to learn several new key insights and strategies around the role fear plays in procrastination.

The visual exercises and metaphors were particularly powerful in creating almost an instant shift in the way I view tasks that in the past I may have chosen to avoid.

And now I can not only tackle them but approach them with a sense of enthusiasm.

Bravo Bill! Keep the great content coming!”

Amy Miyamoto
Life Balance/Success Coach for Busy Mom

“I decided to purchase the program because for many months I have wanted to take my time management skills to a higher level”

Patrick KieltyI was intrigued by the program's broad range of experts who would be interviewed by Bill Baren. I've looked at several internet-based self improvement programs, but never before have I purchased one.

I found Jim Loehr's interview a fascinating discussion that affected me profoundly by causing me to re-evaluate how I use my energy (not my time) to serve and fulfill my larger purpose in life and work.

I sense that the cumulative effect of participating in this program, listening to, reading and reflecting on these resources is a truly integral course in personal improvement, far more than just time management.

This is a very useful program and resource; a 9.5 out of 10 in my book

Patrick Kielty
HR Director
Toronto, Canada

“I am really astounded by the quality of your calls! Awesome.”

Denis SabardineI took the tests from Philip Zimbardo... I am very future-oriented, with a tendancy to enjoy the positive present. Not so bad! And I think it reflects my leadership, my action-oriented and grateful personality!

And thanks to Dr. Jim Loehr, I now control the energy I put into time, so that I can prioritize my actions in a day (defining what's the most critical and important for my business and my personal life).

And if I feel I procrastinate on something, I just tell myself:
Let's try it for 15 min. and I will see then...

I am now really much more a master of my time, playing around with it so as to maximize its effectiveness.

Thanks again,

Denis Sabardine (France)

“I am retired and believe it or not, having this extra time I have felt MORE harried...”

Barbara NagpalI have tried to fit in too much saying to myself, “You have so much time, you can read more publications both online and in the mail!”

I now have permission to let go of the need to KNOW everything from so many different sources... as you so clearly stated: Anything we want to know we could find out in a matter of seconds!

So: First and foremost: prioritize and make a list of what I want to accomplish each day.
Do ONE THING at a time.

Next: take control of publications I receive so I can have less clutter. Info is always available online.

I am still a work in progress and I've deleted lots of sites that were crowding my inbox. I still have more to go.

Thanks for a very helpful interview!

Barbara N., NJ

“My commitment based on the Friedman and Loehr teleseminars is to create a vision of what I want my legacy on this earth to be”

I’ll crystallize it by writing down what my impact will be 10 or 20 years from now, based on what my passions are, and what a typical day of living that vision/ living in spiritual alignment will be like.

I’m also going to replace my sugary breakfasts with oatmeal and nuts/seeds.

Jennifer Neilson
San Diego, CA

“I truly believe it is time to bring our focus back to inner mastery...”

Judy Lawrence... and let go of the multitude of external distractions that are running our lives. Turning off the TV and radio has been a big help.

Mike Song had some great suggestions, I really appreciated his work life balance suggestion of being fully present when in your personal life and turning off the electronics. I would love to see more people getting back to being present again.

The batching of emails, so they are not being handled as an ongoing basis, makes total sense. Now I still need to get a handle on the one touch system when I do deal with the batch of email. Thanks Bill!

Judy Lawrence
Financial Counselor/Coach

“I am getting a lot from your Program. Thank you so much for putting this together!”

Kamila HarkavyI take notes during each call, then after the call is finished, I highlight the key points, mark the items I’m going to put into practice and add these to a running list.

It was great validation to hear Andrea share the 3 equally valid ways to get going and decide what to do first. I am pretty much like her and prefer to capitalize on whatever energy is arising; this makes work so much easier and more enjoyable than having to swim upstream energetically in order to stick to a schedule I made the night before.

Kamila Harkavy

“I have put a lot of resources into understanding the nature of dual existence”

Laurel DavisFunny, I have not applied what I have experienced to the realm of time management. I'll just call that "The Big Funny". Genpo Roshi was a much needed and grand dip back in the well.

Thank you Bill Baren Coaching for a bold and refreshing choice of speakers!

Laurel Davis
Launch Coaching
Choice, Transformation, Results
Seattle, WA

“I’ve committed to writing an article for publication next fall”

Michele ZwillingerI just found out that I can get it published earlier, if I finish it by Dec. 1, rather than Feb. 1. The offer was a great one, but overwhelming for me.

As a result of this call, I am going to agree to the earlier date because now I know I can start today and finish on time. Thank you Dr. Fiore!!!

I am now working on the article!

I’ve pushed aside the procrastination (after identifying what is was); have done almost all of my interviews; and have blocked out focused time next week to analyze my data and do the first draft of the article.

Michele Zwillinger
Zwillinger Research
Encino, CA

“Right now, VERY important to me are 2 things”

1. finding / making my Sanctuary - more reflection.
2. making the list of "what do I want to accomplish today, this week, etc?" and note what I have accomplished - to get the sense of completion.

Actually, the second one might be (right now) even more important than the first one.

Most of my life, I used to focus on ALL the incomplete things = MOUNTAINS!

I used to be ever so frustrated with me and life. Has improved but doing it on paper and regularly, will help a lot.

Time for reflection is very important and - I agree with you - scheduled is better.

I expect it will help me to be more in touch with myself and to feel much better about myself and my life when I have a sense of completion.

Thank you so much for these seminars.

Kind regards, Angela

“Dr. Fiore’s description of the house with National Geographic magazines struck very close to home.”

That described my father’s house... four bedrooms with narrow pathways from room to room and some rooms blocked completed. He had not only a giant collection of National Geographics, but recipies, collectibles, books, magazines, etc., all in giant piles saved for some future use that never came.

As a result, he didn’t do some of the important things that he really wanted to do.

I do have that same tendency to want to do too many projects and save too much information.

This seminar is a great reminder about not only continuing to prioritize, but also to saying “no” to some things, knowing that I can’t do them all, and not letting projects and things pile up.

I’m committed to cleaning up some of the piles and letting go of some projects.

Sara Swafford
Sky High Software

“Hi Bill, I really loved your program, you are the bomb!”

I am a freelance paralegal and environmentalist. Hence the time management needs.

The Procrastination lesson was the big one for me. I felt like it was written for me it was so insightful.

Especially the part about waiting until the last minute so you couldn't be expected to do as good of a job on something. Often, in the legal field that is all the time you have to do something, but for me it has to do with writing. Writing really exposes you to the public and every flaw can and will be found!

Thanks again.

Cynthia Denny
Redwood City, CA

“I've powered out two proposals, completed a 7-month-long project, and most amazingly...”

...used the Procrastination tools I heard in Dr. Neil Fiore's lecture to square off and complete a teeny but irritating project I'd been putting off for 3 months! Sheez. Considering there's still emotional and spiritual angst amongst our community from losing two close friends, thats pretty good productivity.

I am working more focused and remembering to enjoy what I do. And I play with my son and my pets a lot more :)

Darlene Batatian

“I appreciated the practical suggestions for narrowing my focus and finding a sense of balance.”

The idea that appealed the most to me was identifying and using a sanctuary to tune into the deeper information that we all carry.

The series opened my thinking of the concept of time beyond that of a finite resource that must somehow be controlled, to one of a much more open space (more than a resource) within which I can live, work and play. (You might be able to see that I am still processing Genpo Roshi’s challenges from yesterday.)

Thanks for providing this series.

Bob Trahan, Community Facilitator, City of Hampton, VA

“As a woman, I always believed we were meant to multitask.”

But by giving something my undivided attention and practicing the art of doing ONE thing at a time, I expect to lose the feeling of being overwhelmed and give myself that sense of completion.

Since using this technique, I am actually accomplishing more in my business, not feeling scattered and am actually adding more goals. I am passing this on to my team to practice as well.

Thank You,
Karen Singer

What You Will Get With
The Time Mastery Program

     The Time Mastery Program includes powerful resources to accompany the 12 Time Experts teleseminars - to make sure that you maximize your learning and that you implement powerful tools and practices from the experts into your daily life.      

Included Item #1:
Complete Audio Downloads
of All 12 Expert Teleseminars

You can listen to the teleseminars any time you want.

     You will receive access to a full recording of each Teleseminar interview for download to your computer for listening. And you can transfer the audios to your iPod or MP3 player. So you can listen to any of the interviews on your schedule – whenever you want, wherever you want.

Included Item #2:
Complete Written Transcripts

In addition to the audio recordings, each Teleseminar session will be transcribed for you to browse any time.

     This will give you an opportunity to skim through the content for the material you want to study further, to write your own notes and simply absorb this information you missed while listening to the audio. This is your guarantee you won't miss a single time management insight or practice.

Included Item #3:
Executive Summaries for Busy Professionals

     This is my favorite item! You get the main insights and techniques from each teleseminar, summarized in a "cheat sheet" you can review in a few minutes.

     If you're not a big "note taker" - then you need these!

     For each teleseminar, you will receive access to our 2-page “Executive Summaries for Busy Professionals” that will capture the main highlights, ideas, and actions – so you’ll be able to refresh your memory of key practices, techniques, and insights.

Included Item #4:
“All Questions Answered” Coaching Calls

As you know, the best way to learn is through real life experience and putting knowledge into practice. In these calls we worked with clients on their real-life situations.

     Together with my team of coaches, I hosted four special interactive Q&A telecalls, where clients asked their questions related to time management and productivity, and we coached them through their specific challenges, issues, and opportunities.

     Recordings of all 4 of these calls will be provided as part of the Time Mastery Program. So that you’ll get valuable insights as you hear solutions to the questions that your fellow Time Mastery Program members are dealing with.

     In sum - we are providing the power tools you need to maximize your results from the these teleseminars with the top experts in the top areas of time management.

You'll Get the Exact Time Mastery Tools I Use
Every Day to Double My Productivity

    Would you like to know the exact methods I use to literally double my productivity - every day?

    To grow your business, you have to learn how to escape the stress, distraction and interruption that's sucking away your energy and focus.

    With my eBook, “5 Time Mastery Secrets to Double Your Productivity Every Day” (a $197 value), you will come away with breakthrough insights and practical actions you can take immediately to be more in control of your time, be more productive, and have a greater sense of fulfillment in your life.

    Everything I’m going to share with you in this eBook are easy-to-use methods that you can start using right away in your business. You'll be surprised how much time you can gain back for yourself.

    This special eBook is included as my assurance that you'll have the tools you need every day to master your time.

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You'll Also Get Special Bonuses
To Help You Become
A Master of Your Own Time

     I'm excited by the opportunity to provide these additional bonuses, which will give you even more powerful ways to master your time.

     First, there's the opportunity to hear telecall recordings of 2 top time experts (from the 12 Time Experts teleseminars) answer real-life questions from telecall listeners.

     Then we have 2 extremely knowledgeable experts providing both practical advice and insightful thinking, which is designed to build on what you have heard in the Time Experts teleseminars.

Exclusive Q&A telecall with Philip Zimbardo

     This is an extremely rare opportunity to hear one of the leading thinkers in the field of psychology respond to questions about the psychology of time, in this exclusive telecall.

     Philip Zimbardo is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University, where he has taught the most popular undergraduate course since 1968. A legendary thought leader in the field of social psychology, Zimbardo is widely known for the Stanford Prisoner Study and books such as "The Lucifer Effect."

     Zimbardo's brand new book "The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life" is the result of two decades of research, and he provides compelling insight into how we use the irreplaceable resource of time for success, better health and greater fulfillment.

Exclusive Q&A telecall with Stewart Friedman

     Join us for this unique opportunity to hear Stewart Friedman respond to questions about being a better leader and breaking through the work-life balance issue, in this telecall recording.

     His most recent book, “Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life” from Harvard Business Press, provides a game-changing blueprint for how to perform well as a leader - and debunks the myth of work-life balance. If you are struggling with work-life balance, Stew Friedman can provide breakthrough knowledge.

     Stew Friedman is the founder of Total Leadership. He is an innovator in both the leadership development and work/life fields. A faculty member at the Wharton School since 1984, in 1991 he founded both the Wharton Leadership Programs and the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project. Stew has consulted with a wide range of organizations and executives, including Jack Welch and Vice President Al Gore.

Interview with Janet Attwood: "Living a Passion-Filled Life"

     Are you living and working with passion? If not, I can tell you right now that this is one of the biggest sources of your productivity and time management challenges.

     Janet Attwood combines a unique blend of spirituality and practical, useful knowledge that can be put to use immediately. Her passion and focus is supporting people, in every part of the world, in knowing their personal greatness.

     Janet is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny. She is also co-founder of one of the largest online transformational magazines in the world, Healthy Wealthy nWise with 150,000 subscribers and of Enlightened Alliances, a marketing firm that was responsible for arranging 36 of the 52 interviews for the movie and book, The Secret.

     Janet’s latest passion is working with homeless women in transition and youth in detention Centers. For her ongoing work with homeless women and youth in lockdown detention centers, Janet received the highest award for volunteer service in the U.S., The President’s Volunteer Service Award from the President of the United States.

Interview with Ruth Klein: "Time Management Secrets for Working Women"

     Ruth Klein has been coaching working women for years on how to manage their time, and she has the answer for today's working women.

     Ruth will show you how to make the most effective use of your time, so you can succeed in the workplace and get organized beyond your wildest dreams.

     While the demands on our time won't go away, that doesn't mean you can't rise above them. Ruth Klein will show you how to eliminate the stress and get the best out of each day.

     She is a nationally renowned writer, speaker, strategic marketing consultant and productivity coach, is owner of the award-winning boutique firm, The Marketing/Time Source, and author of five books, including the "Time Management Secrets for Working Women."

Interview with Master Coach Christian Mickelsen: "Think Time Abundance, not Time Scarcity"

     My friend Christian Mickelsen is one of the top business coaches out there. Christian created an intensive course called "Free Your Time, Free Your Life" to help people achieve "total time transformation" in their lives. His 4-month program is sold-out (and costs $997), but you can listen to key secrets to time abundance in this 30-minute interview.

     Christian is the author of "How To Quickly Get Started In Professional Coaching: The Surprising Truth About What It Really Takes!" and "Free Sessions that Sell: the Client Enrollment System." He has extensive experience as a small business coach and as a life coach, and is the founder of Small Biz U, an online business training program with business owner students all around the world. He has been seen in Forbes, MSN, Yahoo Finance, and the Boston Globe.

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You Can Also Get These PREMIUM BONUSES
to Help Business Owners and Professionals
Be More Effective

     These valuable bonuses are designed to make you a more "time-effective" and productive business professional and leader - in both your business and personal life.

     If you're in business, you want to keep growing your base of satisfied customers and increasing the revenue you're generating.

     These experts will teach you the tried-and-true methods for selling, marketing, and growing your business - and also the newest must-have tools of internet marketing, such as blogging and social networking. It's like having your own personal consultation with some of the top experts in business building.

Interview with David Meerman Scott, author of the bestselling book "The New Rules of Marketing and PR"

     The internet and social media have completely changed the rules of Marketing and PR. (If you read blogs more than you read TV news, then you know what I'm talking about).

     Learn the "New Rules of Marketing and PR" straight from the person who wrote the bestselling book!

     David Meerman Scott is a viral marketing strategist, keynote speaker, seminar leader and the author of the number #1 best selling PR and marketing book "The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to use news releases, blogs, viral marketing and online media to reach buyers directly" which is being published in 20 languages. David has lived and worked in New York, Tokyo, Boston, and Hong Kong and has presented at industry conferences and events in over twenty countries on four continents.

Interview with Mari Smith: "Unleashing the Power of Facebook – For Business Success"

     Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Plaxo, Friendfeed... are you confused about which ones to use, or what to do after you join?

     Entrepreneurs and business professionals keep telling me that they don't know how to get started on social network sites. Or that they're wasting too much time and not getting results.

     I'm excited that Mari Smith is going to show us the way to use Facebook for growing our businesses. In fact, she will share with you her 5-minute per day program that she recommends to clients to keep their Facebook presence in top shape. As well as a 7-step program for using Facebook strategically for your business.

     Dubbed “the Pied Piper of the Online World” by, Mari Smith is a Relationship Marketing Specialist and Facebook Business Coach. She helps entrepreneurs to accelerate their business profits using an integrated social marketing strategy, with particular focus on Facebook. Mari is passionate about showing fellow professionals how to develop powerful profitable relationships using social media.

Interview with Yaro Starak: "How To Blog Part Time And Earn $100,000 a Year"

     Are you trying to figure out how to make blogging generate revenue for your business? Are you thinking about starting a blog?

     Get masterful advice on how to create a "six-figure blog" from Yaro Starak.

     I've personally learned a lot from Yaro's Entrepreneur's Journey about how to create a succesful business blog, and I recommend that you make his blog part of your A-list.

     But first - listen to this interview.

     Yaro Starak is an Australian entrepreneur who makes a full-time income from blogging for a few hours each day using his blog entitled Entrepreneur’s Journey, and mentors numerous bloggers to success in his Blogmastermind program.

Interview with Alex Mandossian: "The Secrets of Successful Teleseminars"

     If you're thinking of creating a teleseminar - or if you want to take your existing teleseminars to the next level - then you want to hear from one of the leaders in this field: Alex Mandossian.

     Alex Mandossian has trained over 13,200 teleseminar students since 2002 and claims that practically any entrepreneur can transform their annual income into a weekly income once they apply his principle-centered electronic marketing strategies. (KEY POINT: Alex's 2001 annual income became an hourly income by 2006, and he has tripled his days off).

     He has hosted teleseminars with many of the world's top thought leaders such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, David Allen, Vic Conant, Brian Tracy, David Bach, Harvey Mackay, Robert Cialdini, Harv Eker, Bobbi De Porter, Michael Masterson, Joe Vitale, Gay and Katie Hendricks, Bob Proctor and many others.

Interview with C.J. Hayden: "Get Clients Now!"

     Are your current methods of getting clients not working as well as you'd like? Then listen as Bill Baren interview C.J. Hayden to find out her best methods for getting new clients - NOW.

     C.J. Hayden's best-selling book "Get Clients Now" contains a 28-day sales and marketing program for consultants, coaches, professionals, and salespeople. It's a marketing cookbook, filled with foolproof recipes and the essential ingredients you need to succeed.

     A popular speaker and seminar leader, C.J. has presented hundreds of programs on relationship marketing, fearless self-promotion, and entrepreneurial success to corporate clients, professional associations, and small businesses.

Interview with Andy Sernovitz: "Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking"

     Why is everyone talking about word of mouth? Because it's the number #1 source of customers for many (most?) companies. And it's free!

     But - how do you get word of mouth for your business?

     Andy Sernovitz is the guru of the word of mouth marketing movement, helping countless companies understand the radical changes brought by blogs, social networks, and consumer-generated media.

     Andy will show you how the world's most respected and profitable companies get their best customers for free through the power of word of mouth.

     As author of "Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking.", Andy has literally written the book on word of mouth. He is also a founder of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and a former Wharton instructor.

Interview with Cindy Greenway: "The Power of Outsourcing"

     Are you ready to delegate tasks that consume your time - when you know you should be focusing on bigger prioirities? (Have you read the “4 Hour Work Week", and ready for a better lifestyle?)

     In this 30-minute interview, Cindy Greenway, the founder of Victoria Business Solutions, will give you the inside scoop on the emerging industry of “virtual assistants”.

     You'll learn what a “virtual assistant” is, and how can you "oursource" various administrative tasks and chores – so that you can focus on the most important tasks for growing your business.

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What Is the Real Value of the
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     Everybody has their own biggest time challenge. A place where you get stuck. Which gets in the way of you being productive, having more free time, and working with ease rather than being stressed out.

     You may only need to learn one or two powerful techniques to break through your biggest time challenge. Like our client above did with his procrastination challenge.

     Our Time Mastery Program is designed to give you all of the powerful techniques and key mental shifts you need to achieve a breakthrough with your biggest time challenge. I guarantee it!

You’ll also learn

How to MAKE time for the most important things in your life
One simple technique to stop procrastinating immediately - and to get started on your biggest priorities
10 deadly time management mistakes that almost everyone makes... and how to avoid them
Why multi-tasking doesn't work and what you can do instead
How to add one hour of productive time each day using simple time management techniques anyone can use
How to escape from the distractions and interruptions that are stealing your time and energy

What's All This Going To Cost?

     It's a lot less than you think... and far less than it's worth. We are offering the Time Mastery Program at a low price of only $397.

     And if you attend a full-day productivity training seminar, this will cost over $1,000 plus travel expenses. With the Time Mastery Program, no time needs to be wasted on travel - you can enjoy the materials at your own office or home, on your own schedule. (And in addition, no live seminar on time has ever been held with this caliber of time experts assembled in one place)

     My reasons for pricing this program so low are as follows...

     Reason #1: Far too many people in our community are overworked and overwhelmed, stressed out by too many responsibilities, with their health and personal lives impacted. We’ve created this program to make a difference in this world, to make a contribution. And we want to make the program extremely affordable so that cost is not an issue for you.

     Reason#2: We're making history with this Time Mastery Program. No one has ever created this kind of event before, to assemble a "dream team" of world class time experts, each selected as a specialist in a different area of time. And for that reason I want to get as many people involved as I can -- hence, the low, accessible price.

     I'm passionate about touching the lives of as many people as possible. As I learned from Marcia Weider, “Passion is your greatest time management tool!”

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A Personal Question from Bill

     Let me ask you this: What if you could gain the knowledge that can help you get ONE more hour free every day?

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      I know that you'll be glad you made the investment in yourself, once you have your first success in transforming your time habits.

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     This much is for sure: For the rest of your life you're going to have 24 hours in the day, and you’d like to get the most out of it.

     But you are always going to have a never-ending list of things to do. Countless projects, people, emails and possibilities competing for your attention.

     The question is, are you going to know exactly what to do in these situations to succeed?

     I'd like to share one final thought with you:

     After coaching business owners and business professionals for many years, I know one thing: If you don't make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there's a very, very small chance that you're going to do anything about it in the future.

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12 Time Expert Teleseminars:
Complete audio recordings

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12 Time Expert Teleseminars:
Complete Transcripts with word-for-word interview text

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12 Time Expert Teleseminars:
Complete Executive Summaries with the main points of each interview

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“All Questions Answered” Coaching Calls - 4 recorded telecall sessions

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“5 Time Mastery Secrets to Double Your Productivity Every Day” eBook

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Bonus #1 & #2: Exclusive Q&A telecalls with Philip Zimbardo and Stewart Friedman

Worth: $197

Bonus #3:
Interview with Janet Attwood: "Living a Passion-Filled Life"

Worth: $97

Bonus #4: Interview with Ruth Klein: "Time Management Secrets for Working Women"

Worth: $97
Bonus #5: Interview with Master Coach Christian Mickelsen: "Think Time Abundance, not Time Scarcity"

Worth $97
Premium Bonus #1: Interview with David Meerman Scott, author of the bestselling book "The New Rules of Marketing and PR"

Worth: $97
Premium Bonus #2: Interview with Mari Smith: "Unleashing the Power of Facebook – For Business Success"

Worth: $97
Premium Bonus #3: Interview with Yaro Starak: "How To Blog Part Time And Earn $100,000 a Year"

Worth: $97
Premium Bonus #4: Interview with Alex Mandossian: "The Secrets of Successful Teleseminars"

Worth: $197
Premium Bonus #5: Interview with C.J. Hayden: "Get Clients Now!"

Worth: $97
Premium Bonus #6: Interview with Andy Sernovitz: "Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking"

Worth: $97
Premium Bonus #7: Interview with Cindy Greenway: "The Power of Outsourcing"

Worth: $97
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